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Air Conditioner Evaporator

Without a doubt, the most important part of your car's air conditioning system is the AC Evaporator. Along with the condenser, the evaporator forms the core of your AC system and is responsible for its operation and functionality.

What does an AC Evaporator Do

While the condenser of an AC system is responsible for pushing cool air out into the car, the evaporator does the opposite and sucks hot air away. This is achieved by converting the coolant into a gas, thereby absorbing extra heat and dissipating it away from the inside of the vehicle.

When should I replace my AC evaporator

An AC evaporator consists of a tightly wound coil across which the coolant is pumped. There are two main states in which an evaporator ceases to be functional: when the evaporator coil is starved and when the evaporator coil is flooded. The former happens when the coolant is not properly pumped across the whole coil and enough heat is hence not removed. The latter happens when too much coolant is pumped and the evaporator is unable to efficiently handle it. Both cases require changing your evaporator coil.

Where Can I find an AC Evaporator for sale

If your AC isn't cooling your car as well as it should, it's possible that your evaporator coil needs to be recycled. Luckily, it is an easily replaceable part and a used AC evaporator can easily be bought from a junkyard, a salvage yard or be recycled from another old car. If you're buying a used AC evaporator, make sure it is fully functional and operational. Going to a junkyard or a salvage yard can be a great way to buy a recycled or used AC evaporator but it is important to get the opinion of an expert on whether or not it is suitable for your system.

Many stores selling used parts will have an AC evaporator for sale on prices on par with those at a junkyard or salvage yard and will come with the additional guarantee of being fully functional. As with any car part, an AC evaporator for sale needs to be checked not only for price but also for efficiency and compatibility.

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